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Benefits of Carbon Fiber Chopsticks


Bamboo is currently divided into two categories, one is natural bamboo, showing a light yellow; Another kind is carbonized bamboo, is brown, so it is best to distinguish whether it is carbonized bamboo products, is to see the colour!


To put it simply, if the appearance of a bamboo product is light yellow, it is a non-carbonized bamboo product, and if the appearance is brown, like the colour of wood, it is a carbonized bamboo product. ​  


Our carbonization process utilizes high temperature and high pressure above 300 degrees Celsius, without adding any dye or chemical substances, and keeps the purely natural and high-quality gold nan zhu materials!

Uncarbonized bamboo has not been protected, so it is often discoloured, mouldy or even deformed. On the contrary, the hardness of ETC carbon fibre chopsticks after carbonization is greatly improved, which is conducive to long-term preservation, not easy to change colour and not easy to become mouldy. The natural and plain colour gives people a fresh and textured experience.

【Natural Colour Difference of Chopsticks】


We are all made of natural bamboo.


Each grain is slightly different in colour and shade depending on the maturity of the bamboo


These are all caused by the irresistible growth environment, is a natural phenomenon,


Therefore, the carving on the chopsticks will vary in depth according to the bamboo pattern.


It is a normal phenomenon

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