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Use and Maintenance


  • After cleaning, please keep in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight.

  • Wash with running water. After cleaning, wipe the water on the dry surface before putting it into the storage box to avoid bacterial growth. Chopsticks should be kept wet and dry to avoid bacterial cross-infection.

  • Please avoid using a hard brush, grinding powder and other corrosive cleaning agents for cleaning, easy to reduce the life of bamboo products

  • If any cracks or damage are found, please replace them immediately. Chopsticks and toothbrushes need to be replaced as often as possible. It is recommended to take six months for the replacement cycle to keep chopsticks clean and hygienic.

After industrialization pursues fast and convenient, plastic becomes popular in large quantities, modern people get rid of the habit of using bamboo and wood materials, and gradually forget the benefits of bamboo and wood food. Natural utensils are not only made of natural materials but also returned to nature. The durability of bamboo products is related to users' usage habits. To establish a good usage habit, you can not only keep your bamboo articles for daily use with you all the year-round but also learn the way to live symbiosis with nature.

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