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Common Problems


  • Does bamboo mould easily?


It is not themselves but the environment that makes a difference.

And these phenomena just can let you examine the home environment, whether have too damp, not ventilated, adjust life pattern well, because natural bamboo wood is more sensitive than human body only, the stand or fall that reflects an environment early just.

Only in a dry or ventilated environment can the bamboo keep its best condition for a long time. In a ventilated environment, the bamboo will naturally expel the excess moisture inside the fibre and become naturally dry. If the environment is moist and dirty, bacteria and mould will easily breed. Live with nature, don't be afraid of mildew!

  • How do I wash chopsticks?

Many people wash chopsticks "forthright", rub them under the faucet and then put them into the chopsticks tube, which is not completely clean. Suggest not to use baking soda, citric acid and alkaline or acid cleaning fluid, add proper cleanser rinse with clear water, when necessary, use both hands. Rub the can, do not use any hard brush scrub, because this will scrape off the protective layer on the surface of the bamboo, long down will let the vessel surface is full of scratches, easy to hide the dirt breed bacteria, in after cleaning, wipe clean a little, you can wait for next time use.

  • How long does it take to change chopsticks?


Many families also do not have the habit of changing chopsticks regularly, and may not have done so for a year or two. Studies have found that the longer the chopsticks are used, the higher the total number of bacterial colonies detected. In particular, the chopsticks will form fine lines on the surface after repeated use and scrubbing, which are easy to retain bacteria and detergent. Therefore, it is recommended to change chopsticks once every 3 to 6 months. Always replace chopsticks if they are scratched, worn or deformed.  

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