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About us
About us
About us

Tel: +886 2 2698-0288

Catering Consumables Division

CG Group’s Taiyueh Industrial Co., Ltd. is in charge of our Catering Consumables Division. We supply the major restaurant group for various consumables with own distribution system. With express service, we meet the customer’s immediate demand.

Quality is our basic self requirement. All of our products comply with government regulations.

Our market competitiveness and product quality are widely recognized. With almost 20 years of customers’ supports, we grow and continue marching towards one after another new development goals.

Brand Spirit


Our products are 100% secure, and without chemical additives. We apply high technology, and yet traditional processing to assure that it’s natural and safe. It won’t produce toxic solvents even when it burns.

​We believe in the beauty of the bamboo and expect to convey the environmentalism with a view to sustainability.





Care for the planet, preserve the natural resources, promote the eco-friendly material.


Adhere to provide the best.

Our products do not contain any chemical additives.


Traditional process, High-pressured degreasing.

The innovative procedure, good for long-term storage.

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