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Labor Protective Gloves Division

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Crinkled Latex Coated Gloves


CE(Conformity Europe) Marking

PPE(Personal Protective Equipment) Directive:89/686/EEC

Protective gloves can be divided into 3 categories, “Minimal” , “Intermediate”, and “Mortal”, depending on type and which risk or danger the gloves should protect against.

Based on the guidance of 89/686/EEC, the risk categories should be set up to choose the suitable gloves.


Category I:Minimal

Gloves of simple design, such as household  gloves used for clenaing, are for minimal risks only. Therefore, the manufacturers are allowed to test and authenticate on their own. (Third party testing and authentication is not required.)
Category II:Intermediate

Gloves, which is not classified as minimal or irreversible, are for intermediate risk. For example, general handling gloves requiring good puncture, cut, abrasion performance must be subjected to independent testing and certification by a Notified Body, whom then issues a CE marking showing the gloves protective capacities.

Without the certification, the gloves are not allowed to sell in the market. Every certified authority has its own certification number. This number will be printed on the corresponding product’s instruction with the name and address of the authority.


Category III:Mortal

Gloves of complex design, which must be tested and authorized by certified authority, for irreversible or mortal risks. In addition, the gloves in this category must be independently tested for the manufacturer’s quality control policy to make sure the quality remain the same. The authority that assesses the evaluation will have a ID number, which is required to indicate with the CE marking.

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