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Crinkled Latex Coated Gloves

European Standards for Protective Gloves
EN 388 (European standard used to evaluate mechanical risks for hand protection)

The protection, given by gloves, against mechanical hazards is expressed by a pictogram followed by four numbers (performance levels), each representing test performance against a specific hazard.


This standard is used to test the ability for a glove's fabric to resist abrasion, blade cuts, tearing and puncture by a pointed object, as well as volume resistivity.

A Abrasion:Based on the number of cycles required to abrade through the sample glove.

B Cut:Based on the number of cycles required to cut through the sample at a constant speed.

C Tear:Based on the amount of dorce required to tear the sample.

D Punctures:Base on the amount of force required to pierce the sample with a standard sized point.

EN388 Standard applies different methods (as above) to express the performance levels. The higher the number, the better the glove.

Please note that all tests are performed under controlled laboratory. These ratings are for reference only, which allow you to compare from one pair to another, and understand which gloves best meet your needs.

The four letters ”A”, “B”, “C”, and “D” on the figure respectively represent the four basic factors for the performance level. Each factor indicates on a scale from 1 to 4. The higher the better corresponding performance.

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