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About us
About us
About us

Company Profile


Chase-Glow Group was founded in 1995 with its headquarter in Taipei, Taiwan. After years of constant efforts, CG Group has become a leading supplier of catering and industrial consumables. Not only do we design, develop, and manufacture, we also do marketing to boost the sales with our overseas offices located in China and Southeast Asia. As a customer-centric company, we uphold the highest quality in international standard, believe in localized pricing strategy, and provide outstanding service. Furthermore, we have the ability to develop foresighted solutions in many major fields by providing positive response to the market’s changing needs.


For many years, Chase-Glow 's global supply chain has optimized to provide competitive prices, industry leading fill rates and superior order accuracy.

Our commitment is to uphold mutual benefit and reciprocity relationship with our customers in order to remain sustainability development for both sides. 

This commitment, along with our outstanding service to meet the market’s needs, is what strengthen our relationship with our customers for so many years.

Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

With integrated career development and multiple learning channel, Chase-Glow supports all of our members with their self-development by providing integrated benefit program and self-learning system. Our members not only improve themselves but also remain competitive in the growing changing market.

Our Service Tenet

Upholding integrity and constantly innovation in order to create a win-win situation

Our Concept

When it comes to QUALITY,


Our Philosophy

Adhering to the people-oriented principle, while administering by law and morality

Organization Structure

Organization Structure

Chase-Glow Group has offices in many countries, which provide our global customers timely service and sales support. Meanwhile, we divide our organization into different divisions to perform respective duties and work, extending business in different fields, according to the corporate policy.


We apply divisional structure to make sure the performance can be directly measure with each group and integrate into our business objectives. Each division can set their own target according to their own organization, manufacturing processes, product lines, and so on. In addition, we implement the profit center system to accelerate decision finalization process, and keep flexibility to promote better sales with independent statement of profit and loss, which responsibility can be easily identified and is better for the corporate long-term development.


Through the variance analysis between the objective setting and actual performance, we can look into the problem and find out solutions in order to achieve budget control and performance improvement.

In pursuit of sustainability and growth, Chase-Glow Group has diversified into many businesses, and continuously develop new items while maintain our high standard quality control. We hope to make contribution to the social well-being.

Chase-Glow Group organizational structure:


In charge of the company’s business aspects including corporate strategy & planning, sales & marketing, and product development & design.

Taiwanese market:

Taiyueh Industrial Co., Ltd. is in charge of the domestic product line extension and channel development. It has integrate warehouse management and logistics system in order to provide diversified products and professional service.

Overseas Market:

Rotek International Corp. is in charge of promoting company products and specialize in marketing and market planning in line with local conditions, which successfully help expand market into the globe.

Act Locally,

Think Globally.

Zhejiang China

Rotek Corporation

Taipei,Taiwan (HQ)

HCM, Vietnam

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